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We Were A Grocery Store
est. 2003
We opened our doors in 2003 as a speciality grocery store in a very small rural community. Our offerings included local fruits, vegetables and meats. Ahead of it's time was our grocery delivery service. The store was a much loved community service .
Circumstances at home changed . I could no longer  managed the business for several years . However, my mom (the owner of the building) and brother took over and added a  variety of merchandise to the inventory. It was a fluke that they recieved a shipment of women's apparel. It was featured in the display window and the rest is histo                              The sell of clothing out performed the other merchandise.           Apparel replaced food ,so here we are today !!                                                                       FASHIONED FOR U                                        Sophisication with an Edge is what we offer to women of all ages and sizes.  Today, we still strive to provide the very best in community service. 
Thank you McCormick and surrounding communities for a great 17 years!
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fashioned for u sophistication with an edge is located in mccormick sc the operation hours has changed due to the COVid 19